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 Hilda Silance Corey


$13.00 plus shipping

Stories about growing up in Jacksonville, North Carolina in the 1950s and 1960s when people cared about their neighbors and children could play outside without fear. Its about visits to family, riding in the country, swimming in the branch behind their house and those wonderful school activities in the town that is home to Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base.

Hilda Silance Corey has done it again.  Barefoot Girl is the perfect accompaniment to Whoopin and Hollerin in Onslow County.  Both books are about growing up in Jacksonville NC in the 1950’s and 1960’s.  Barefoot Girl concentrates on Corey’s personal memoirs, which she relates with warmth and perfect recall of detail.


The fictional television town of Mayberry may not have been modeled from Jacksonville, but that is the image in one’s mind as we read of a store proprietor taking all the time in the world to help two small girls select an ice cream cone.  The image is reinforced as we read of neighbors looking out for one another or just visiting over a fence.  We can easily substitute Opie Taylor for Hilda and her friends as they wade in the creek or sit on the porch swing watching it rain.  These are just a few of the hundred’s of recollections narrated by Corey.


Readers who grew up in the 1950’s or 1960’s will be delighted with this book because it will evoke memories in one’s own past.  Everyone else will enjoy reliving a time when life was not so fast paced.


 Judy Jacobs 




         $12.00 plus shipping    








        A nostalgic trip back in time to those magical 1950’s and 1960’s on Jacksonville, North Carolina. Full of fun and humor and beautifully written. It will make you long to go back to those bygone days of trust, love and happiness.

Whoppin’ & Hollerin’ in Onslow County brings to mind any family gathering where one person opens the conversation with “Do you remember when…?”.  Immediately out pours vignettes, complete down to the flavor of the ice cream. 

Most of the events described in Whoppin’ & Hollerin’ take place in Jacksonville North Carolina in the 1950’s.  Through the author’s recollections, the reader can almost see Jacksonville and its sole elementary school with the multi-pained windows, black chalk boards, and cloak rooms.  We can enter the local five and dime through the heavy doors and walk on wooden floors that creak with each step.  We can attend the church and participate in the Sunday services and then almost smell the aromas from the good things to eat at the “covered dish” social that followed.  Underlying the recollections is the sense of strong community ties, family warmth, and small town charm that no longer seems to exist in today’s faster paced world.


Flash back of such ordinary things as piano lessons, family pets, kitchen tools, picnics, and early TV programs make this book a pleasant jaunt down memory lane for those who lived in this era.  For those born later, these tales provide a record of every day life before air conditioning, single party telephone lines, and two-wage earner families.


North Carolina residents and those familiar with Onslow County will love this book for the local history.  Everyone else will treasure this book both for the nostalgia and for the memories it will trigger in one’s own mind.


Judy Jacobs