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Dr. M. David Chambers


In undertaking this project, I have come to real­ize several things about world history: One, his­tory is an intriguing subject wherein one can spend an entire lifetime examining the humor, uniqueness and gravity of every culture that has preceded us. Two, one can easily recognize the sim­ilarities of every great civilization in regards to each other despite their apparent differences. Three, one can easily learn from history and its former inhabi­tants, priceless information that, if used properly, can facilitate great success or great demise. Finally, in this process I deduced that one could spend sev­eral lifetimes sifting through the unbelievable repository of historical documentation without finding a great deal of complimentary evidence on any one culture. Simply put, history is exciting, rel­evant and elusive all at once. As I made efforts to do the material found within this work justice, I found that history contains everything we need to succeed as a civilization even today but that deci­phering the conflicting accounts of history was almost impossible.



If your relationships are perfect  stop reading here…if like the rest of the world you believe there is always room for improvement in this critical area of life…Read on.  Within the pages of this book, Dr. Chambers makes and substantiates the claim that no matter what stage of marriage or relationship you are in the best is yet to come. Sound too good to be true?  

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