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Timothy Wittig


$15.00 plus shipping

      It seems like everywhere I go I hear people complaining about something or someone.

I am not going to complain about anything or anyone in this book.

I am going to show facts supporting my assertion that many people are living a day to day life using this philosophy: “Do as I say…not as I do”.

As a reader of this book I do not want you to confuse “factual statements” with “complaining”.

Politicians may not like the fact that I want a law passed forcing them to do the job they were elected to do……this is not a complaint….this is simply stating the obvious….they spend to much time on vacation…..and not enough time getting the hard work done.

It is possible to state facts about how people conduct themselves versus how people live.

In this book I want to give someone the opportunity to win a nice prize for doing their own “research” and for using their own “brain” to offer a solution to any topic being discussed in this book.

I believe that the citizens of the United States of America and others from around the world can solve any number of situations facing America today when they are willing to make the necessary changes to their current lifestyle.

I am asking everyone in the “world” to participate in this competition because they may apply the same laws in their country; as a result of new laws then their situations may also be solved in a peaceful way!

I cover topics in this book such as: gay marriage, gun control, rich people paying their fair share, new tax law, health care law, size of government, entitlement reform, military, education, marijuana, IRS, energy, global warming, legal defense, etc.

I am going to offer a solution to fix all the situations listed above.

I am going to ask everyone to vote on whether they agree with my solutions or not.

I am going to ask that the members of the United States Congress to vote on every bill that I have enclosed within these pages.  I want politicians to show Americans where they “stand”.

The information contained in this book are all verifiable facts as I the author understands them to be.

There is no part of this book that I have intended to “offend” or “misrepresent” anyone.  I simply state the facts as I see them.  You may disagree with me and I hope your solution is better than mine!

I understand that the United States is filled with a large immigrant population.  For those who are not Native Americans I just wanted you to know the title of this book “Micaje…?” means “My name is…..”

Good luck and I hope someone in this world is smart enough to figure out how to win this game!