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The Last Voyage of the Dan-D


By E. B. Alston

 Illustrated by Toni Garrett


ďThis story has a nice voice and a simple, kid-friendly tone. Itís also a very funny story, with a wickedly wacky, but oddly logical humor. Captain Danís stories, his many names, and Alexís reactions to it all are hilarious; Alex and Captain Dan are distinctive, highly original characters who should enthrall kid readers. The silliness should enthrall kids. The mysterious ending is a neat twist. The humor makes this story especially nice for being read aloud.Ē  The Writerís Digest, April 5, 2005



What a wonderful yarn! The characters are intriguing.  Nine year old Alex is a perfectly believable youngster and Captain Dan is everyoneís slightly eccentric great uncle. The dialogue between the two is a delightful mix of ordinary down-to-earth conversation and a whimsical play on words.  It is subtle to the point that Captain Danís odd logic somehow makes sense. This book will appeal to both young and old readers. The touch of mysticism at the end is a gentle reminder that there are no precise scientific explanations for all experiences in life. This book is well written, well illustrated, entertaining, humorous, and thought provoking.  I especially liked Captain Danís wooden leg with the knot and that Argyle sock wrinkled around the ankle.

Judy Jacobs, St. Joseph, MO  August 29, 2005



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