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The Last Chance Bar and Grill



E. B. Alston


A man shows up at the gate of Heaven before his time. There he witnesses scenes of great joy and heartrending anguish as souls make the most important decision of their entire existence. What he sees and what he hears changes his life.


Mr. Alston comes by the newspaper I work for regularly. I was given a copy of "Last Chance Bar & Grill" by my editor, Shannon White. I sat down and read the book from cover to cover in about 45 minutes. I am typically not a religious person. I have never read much of the Bible. I wanted to let Mr. Alston know that despite all this, I enjoyed this book very much.

"This is the book for all time; for anyone to read so that they may better understand their role in the salvation of the world."



Sherrie T. McDonald

Office Manager

The Caswell Messenger

Yanceyville, NC


This story is a no-nonsense theological and philosophical treatise about how to prepare your soul for entry into Heaven. Shannon White-Editor, The Caswell Messenger

 "Hi!  Well, I read both books last night. The LCB&G was really a great read. You do have so much "truth" in the book. One thing that really touched my heart is how I understood forgiveness." Lona Lockhart 12-21-2005


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