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The Deal of a Lifetime


A 1990’s Love Story

By E. B. Alston

The Deal of a Lifetime is a romantic comedy about how a wild playgirl living in Durham, North Carolina meets and falls in love with a telephone company engineer who lives in the rustic community of Timberlake. They meet in highly unfavorable circumstances but over a period of time each of them comes to a realization that they were meant for each other. Filled with hilarious scenes and witty dialog, it is a touching story set in Durham and Timberlake with scenes in New York City, Jacksonville, Florida, Mexico City and many locations in eastern North Carolina.

 Testimonial: Hey there! Just wanted to let you know I've finished  The Deal of a Lifetime, great book!   Shannon


 $20.00 plus shipping 

Just wanted to let you know that Debbie enjoyed reading "The Deal" She said it was an easy book to read. I can't tell you in an e-mail some other comments she made and I doubt I could say it in person, so I guess it will remain unsaid, unless Debbie decides to tell you and if you ever meet her, she will!I went by her shop yesterday and her sister was reading "The Deal." I guess I'll get my book back!!!

Lona Lockhart 12-14-2005

“A wicked sense of humor regarding sexual matters—very direct. The dialog is lightning fast. Very refreshing. I liked the way it roams around geographically.” Writer’s Digest, January 2007