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American Revolution

By E. B. Alston

278 Pages - Paperback - $20.00 

The United States of America is split into two countries. The original United States is a mere shadow of its former self. The rest of the former country and a large part of Canada, plus vassal countries overseas are components of a kingdom ruled by a succession of kings whose roots are in North Carolina. The new country is called America. Society is divided into aristocrats, commoners and a labor class, who are assigned their status on the basis of intelligence tests. The country maintains a huge standing army, always poised and ready to deliver retribution with an iron fist to anyone anywhere who threatens, injures or kills an American citizen. In 2084, in Baltimore, twenty-six year old King Henry meets a young woman who is destined for greatness. The story of their courtship and marriage brings romance and pageantry amid a background of international intrigue and war. This novel explores the personal lives of the Royal family as they bring pageantry and glamour to the American heartland and the aristocrats who are wholehearted participants in this mighty drama.