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P. L. Almanza

E. B. Alston

Alston Family Tree

Laura Alston

Paul Alston

Aurelian Springs School

Amity United Methodist Church

Edwin Bagley

Nellie Mae Batson

Rita Berman

Randy Bittle

Joseph Brown

Sylvia Browning

Brad Carver

David Chambers

Hilda Silance Corey

Dan Cowen

Joseph DiBona

Mohinda Gill

Jim Hicks

Amanda Hutchinson

Willie Mae Jones

Danny Key

Gustavia Knott

Stephen Kornegay

Don Legun

Ariana Mangum

Joseph Marro

Grayland McConnell

Norman Stuart Patten

Barbara Pierce

George Pierce

Janice W. Rawlins

Charles Reed

Kenneth G. Robertson

Rollin Russell

Bennett Schiller

Society of Military Widows

Opal Snyder

Michael Warren

Warsaw North Carolina Historical Society

Lucy Rodgers Watlins

Tim Whealton

Kent Wiliams

Wingate Baptist Church

Timothy Wittig

Rev. George E. Wright

Writers Discussion Group-Seymour Center