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To purchase more than two (2) copies, shipping will be less if you send us an email listing the title, the number of copies and your mail address. We will reply with a PayPal invoice. When paid, we will order your books. We offer a 10% discount on orders of 5-10 copies, which can be mixed titles. We offer a larger discount for orders for more than 10 copies.   







Janice Walters Rawlins

  cx  $20.00 plus shipping

A runaway wife with three children, an affable Kentucky hick named Ted Truman, a creepy old mansion with creaky doors, a mysterious basement and strange sounds in the night. What you get is a unique horror story.

g  $15.00 plus shipping

         Ellen and her children, with the addition of the two Truman boys, are leaving the horrors of Mountain View behind them. With nothing but the clothes on their backs, they head down the road to find a new home and come to Sandstone. Little did Ellen know that there was an unwanted passenger in the car that would shift the events to come. Ellen and her children begin rebuilding their lives but the past is destined to catch up with them as Ellen begins the process of adopting Mark and Zach Truman. Suddenly, facts begin to come to light that threaten to destroy the new life Ellen is trying to build and the safety of her children is threatened once more. Soon, Ellen and her children find themselves in the battle of their lives and the existence of Sandstone rests in their hands.


 xc  $20.00 plus shipping

        Jessie Sorrell was a seventeen-year-old boy who loved his Granny more than any kid could imagine. Granny Sublet was a retired nurse. She was married over fifty years to her long-time sweetheart, Herb Sublet, who passed away from cancer several years earlier. They both loved their grandson Jessie, who was a bit of a grandma’s boy.

         Granny was a petite woman with a big character who always wore her grey hair twisted on top of her head. She was a prankster and loved to laugh, but more important, she wanted her grandson to always care about the elderly. She was well loved in her small community and an advocate for seniors. She had a heart of gold.

 f  $15.00 plus shipping


       Doonie is a beautiful rainbow colored dog. His colors range from a glowing red, bright orange, sunny yellow to a fresh green, sky blue and passion purple. With his unique ability to change colors, Doonie goes on many adventures to save his animal friends. Let your imagination soar as you learn about Doonie and what it means to be a true friend.