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Norman Stuart Patten

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Mr. Norman Stuart Patten who is a resident of Mount Olive, North Carolina, has written a book about his trials and tribulations caused by Parkinsonís disease called Life With Parkinsonís Disease.

This is a gripping account of one familyís struggles and tragedies on the frontier in a new land of opportunity.

 ďThis is a highly personal account of one manís life after his body became wracked by Parkinsonís disease. He was a musician, music teacher, high school band leader and school principal. He hunted, he fished, he traveled with his wife and daughter, doing all those things the rest of us do. Today, he continues to teach piano to college students, and to enjoy life with activities that he can do. He tells his, and his familysí, story without bemoaning his fate, but instead, it is a wake-up call to victims of this dreadful disease.Ē 

Life With Prkinsonís Disease is available online at, and from your favorite bookstore.