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To purchase more than two (2) copies, shipping will be less if you send us an email listing the title, the number of copies and your mail address. We will reply with a PayPal invoice. When paid, we will order your books. We offer a 10% discount on orders of 5-10 copies, which can be mixed titles. We offer a larger discount for orders for more than 10 copies.   








Gustavia G. (Gussy) Knott

 fera   $8.00 plus shipping


This is a highly original memoir of Gussy Knott’s life in a remarkable combination of prose and poetry. Beginning in her early childhood during the 1930’s through the present, Gussy has chronicled her inner life and after almost sixty years, she shares her thoughts with us. We read of her joys, her tribulations and her strength that guided her to her Christian destiny.    

 vfd  $10.00 plus shipping


        In her second book Gussy Knott entertains and guides the reader with her own unique view of love and life and living.

vgr    $15.00 plus shipping


         The continuing saga of Gussy Knott’s life in poetry as she recalls her day-by-day challenges in exercise class, with family and friends and her devotion to her faith in God. Her personal crisis has bound them all closer and keeps her strong for the days and challenges to come.