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Danny Key


fre  $10.00 plus shipping 

Danny Key’s book is about growing up in the south in the fifties and sixties. He says, “It was a magical time. It wasn’t like living at Disneyland but we had more fun. Even if you were a self-proclaimed misfit like me, you managed to survive with few permanent mental scars. In this book, I share stories from my childhood. Sometimes I looked like an idiot. Those days were different to be sure. Family was such a major influence on your mental development that it is easy to blame them for all your faults.  Hey, it works for me. My family was always a little “out there” but that is good in the South.  It makes for funnier stories. So, sit in a swing in the shade of a big oak tree, pour yourself a big glass of sweet ice tea and have a laugh on me.”