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It’s Not You,

It’s Them

A Guide to Sanity in the 21st Century


 E. B. Alston

Has the world has gone mad? Are our leaders are out of step with reality? Have you had passing thoughts that you might be the one who doesn’t “get it.” Forget that. It’s not you, it’s them.



I met E. B. “Gene” Alston some years back at SunFest, an annual springtime festival held in Surf City, North Carolina.  I would like to say I know talent when I see it but, in the beginning, it was his charming personality that drew me to him, not the books he was peddling.  With wife, Barbara, by his side, they both radiated with a united focus. We instantly became friends.

It wasn’t until several weeks later when I had a chance to read, “Those Whom The Gods Love”, that I realized the extent of his gift.  It didn’t stop there either, that proved to be just the beginning.  The sequel to that book, “And Deliver Us From Evil” was an attention getter as well.  I’ve now accumulated, (thanks to Gene), every book he has ever written.

I must say, the boy’s got talent.

Sometime later, I invited Gene to be a contributing writer for Topsail Publishing, Inc. when we put together the website about Topsail Island. At the time, I thought he would probably write a few articles here and there. I didn’t expect the level of dedication, reliability and aptitude that he would give.  Just like clockwork, Gene has produced a weekly column ever since, which you will find on the website.

Gene has a lot to say about current events. He has this way of drawing you in, just like he did me the first day I met him. 

 You never know what to expect from Gene.  He’s like an old pair of shoes, yet he breathes new life into subjects that most never think twice about.  He makes you go back and look again, reevaluate your position and, often enough, change your attitude about the obvious. 

Such as with his book, “The Kingdom of America”, which can be described as an “historical novel set in the future where America has a King.”  It’s a typical example of how he leans toward “thinking outside the box.”

Another example, “The Last Chance Bar and Grill”, held me so captive, I couldn’t put it down once I read the first page.  The book never stays in my possession long. It frequently finds it’s way off my library shelf and into a new reader’s hands, always returned with a positive comment.

I can say without hesitation that I know that you will enjoy this new book. His consistently clever style is definitely habit forming.  If this is your first book by him, it will certainly not be your last. You might want to start looking for empty space in your library to accommodate the rest of his talent.

Gene, thank you for this opportunity to share my thoughts about your work and our friendship. I have definitely been blessed by both.


Sheree’ L. Alderman, Publisher

Topsail Publishing, Inc.


 $12.00 plus shipping