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Hammer Spade

and the

Midnight Treader


E. B. Alston


       Alonia is kidnapped and taken to an impregnable fortress six hundred miles up the Amazon River in a yacht named the Midnight Treader. Her kidnapper is a man who wishes to possess Alonia. Hammer’s comrades join him, along with some Amazonian native tribesmen, in an audacious and bold plan to rescue her.




       Midnight Treader is Hammer Spade’s fifth appearance.  By now, readers know what to expect from the man.  This time however, Alston puts a new twist on things by having Hammer rescue his girlfriend Alonia who was the victim of a well planned kidnapping.  Now that his heart is involved, Spade’s decisions do not come so quickly, nor is he the mild mannered – take everything in his stride man that we knew from before.

To assist him is rescuing Alonia, Hammer turns to the friends we have met in previous episodes.  He also acquires some unexpected but welcome help from the natives.  He winds up with a most unconventional but highly effective group of people to wage war against Miguel Glei, Alonia’s abductor.    Not only is his crew unconventional, but when Hammer got everyone assembled and ready to go, he realized that his game plan was to attack a fully fortified castle with a collection of pistols, rifles, shotguns, light artillery, spears, knives and blow guns equipped with poison darts.

       Alonia’s abductor is an international drug lord who has gathered around him a group of fanatics, all of whom are very willing to toss intruders into a piranha infested river. Miguel Glei himself is merciless and steeped in evil.  His castle was reckoned impregnable and Glei had plans for Hammer to be killed in the first offensive.

     How Hammer matches wit and overpowers Glei makes for a fast paced, highly intense rescue mission.

 Judy Jacobs

St. Joseph  MO.

October 25, 2008

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