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Hammer Spade

and the

Inca Curse


E. B. Alston


       In The Inca Curse, Michael Clover assigns an eclectic cast of characters to help Hammer on this quest to avenge the murder of Lady Margot Fisher. Hammer must eliminate Raúl Fuente’s organization from the bottom up. His team is Oscar Aguilera, Judge N. O. Hart, Dave Quigley, Isabela Salazar and Roscoe Tanner. In order to complete this convoluted mission, he must use the varied, and sometimes downright odd, talents of this team. Even the ancient Inca god, Inti, plays a part in the final outcome.





      Lady Margot Fisher, a British MI6 agent, has been murdered on a desert mountain in eastern Chili.  The mountain is sacred to the Inca god Viracocha.  The Inca believe that if a death, committed on the mountain, is not avenged by the time of the Inti Raymi festival, Init, the Sun God, will curse them.

 Hammer Spade, the agent selected to avenge Lady Margot’s murder, has two facts in his possession.  1) He knows the name of the killer is Raul Fuente.  B)  It is six months until the Init Raymi festival.  Even though Raul Fuente is as common a name in South America as Jim Jones, Hammer Spade is not dismayed.  He assembles an eclectic crew and proceeds to smoke out his opponent by going after Fuente’s associates. 


        First Hammer destroys Fuente’s operations in Cordoba Argentina.  Then he moved on to Constitucion Chile.  Cochabamba Bolivia was the next destination.  Their target was finally located in Urubamba Peru. Hammer is a very observant person, and through his eyes and ears the reader absorbs the local history and gains an excellent overview of each of these cities.

       In the previous Hammer Spade stories, Hammer’s crew could always be counted on to employ unconventional tactics while tracking down their quarry.  This episode is no exception.  Each of Hammer’s crew is called to perform during chaotic circumstances and each member performs magnificently.  Even Hammer’s girl friend and his office manager were required to defend themselves.  These two ladies possess unusual defense skills and their actions strengthen the legend of the Inca god.

       There is no proof that the God Virachoca assisted Hammer Spade in his mission to avenge the death of Lady Fisher.  This uncertainty together with Hammer’s decisive actions and the unpredictable antics of his crew makes for fine entertainment.  Throughout the previous novels (this is the seventh in the series) the character of Hammer Spade has grown from a down on his luck private investigator to a man sought after to head sensitive international missions.  Hammer has gained a greater depth of maturity along the way while maintaining the down to earth characteristics we saw when we first met him.  It is a pleasure to accompany him on his adventures.


Judy Jacobs

December 27, 2009



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