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Hammer Spade

and the





E. B. Alston


     $20.00 plus shipping


 In part one, Hammerís friends, Michael Clover, Clare Davis, Jack Kane, Dave Quigley and Jim Travis infiltrate a shadowy group who call themselves the Four Horsemen. Jack Kane and Clare Davis infiltrate the Black Horse of Famine group. The leaders of the Red Horse of War, whose mission is to foment armed conflict, dispatch Dave Quigley and Jim Travis to Algeria.

      In part two, the Pale Horse of Death group dispatch Tim Whealton and Jerrel Newhaus to Papua, New Guinea. There Willie Wanderer guides them to a plant that produces the most deadly natural poison known to man. Hammer Spade and Shidee Callaway are sent to Tibet by the White Horse team to learn from Annyl Slohcin how to destroy menís souls, Then in Casablanca, Morocco, they all meet where Michael Clover, posing as Lord Phillip Norwich, has planned a bid surprise for everybody.

 Reader Comments

       After reading  "Hammer Spade and the Four Horsemen", I feel as if I have been to an Indiana Jones movie. The many characters in the adventure story are colorful and exciting. As the story unfolds, you will find yourself becoming involved with the personalities in the story and perhaps begin to compare them with real-life characters you have known. The wide variety of locations visited in the book are well described and picturesque. Your imagination can race ahead as you read, however, you must keep reading to see how the story ends. I keep thinking that this story could be a movie. I can't wait to read the last volume!

Betty (Whealton) Garren, Ph.D.

University of South Carolina

Professor of Education  


      A good yarn, but within the realm of possibility, especially if you knew one of the characters like my brother, Tim Whealton. Tim is a gunsmith by trade and is a "High Master Champion" in both rifle and pistol. I always thought he would be good in some type of clandestine operation. I also personally know some of the other characters in the story like Gerald Neuhaus, Jim Travis and Mike Clover, which made this book an exciting page-turner for me. The author is also an expert shooter and has much expertise in all types of firearms. He is also a student of ancient history and gives brief historical sketches of the various places in the story, which makes for an interesting read.

Warren Whealton