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Hammer Spade

And the

Diamond Smugglers

 Book Two


By E. B. Alston

Hammer and his sidekick, Jack Kane, investigate a South African diamond smuggling operation. To Americans this seems like a cut and dried investigation. But in South Africa they discover that chasing diamond thieves is a part time job and more than once their very lives are at risk.


I finished Hammers latest adventure.  That was a great book.  I felt like I was there, great descriptions and details.  You must of either had to travel to the setting or you did a lot of research, either way ~ Great job!! Melanie Walker --Email from reader

           Hammer Spade, a single private investigator and his best friend, Jack Kane, have traveled to Africa to determine who is smuggling diamonds from a well-known firm. When they arrive, they find that surface appearances are deceiving. Using a safari as a cover, Hammer and Jack display their marksmanship abilities, impress the natives, and overpower the opposing force. Solving the mystery of who is behind the diamond stealing becomes more and more difficult because for each puzzle solved, more obstacles are thrown their way. Hammer Spade is a roll-with-the-punches kind of guy. In this novel, he is paired with an eclectic cast of characters. But whether he is dealing with an African bushman or a British aristocrat, Hammer s common sense and quick wit allow him to deal with the current situation all the while maintaining his calm demeanor. No matter how serious the circumstances, there is always humor to be found somewhere. Hammer and his friends never lacked for something to provide light entertainment. For example, zebra steaks sound quite tasty. However, after reading this book, I do not think I will ever be enticed into trying one! This book is an enthralling read. Judy Jacobs St. Joseph MO. October 18, 2006 --Critic's comments




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