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Nellie Mae Batson

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A story about a Sneads Ferry girl, during and after World War II. The book’s title is named after the main character ‘LOSSIE’.  Her roots are embedded in the life of a rural fishing village, caught up in wartime operations of a huge military installation, Camp Lejeune.

Lossie lost her mother at an early age and lived with her father, a commercial fisherman and farmer.  The father has a distrust for all military men.  He forbids Lossie to have anything to do with the Marines who come to Sneads Ferry on liberty.

Just before she graduates from high school she meets a young sergeant stationed at Lejeune.  After arranging several secret meetings, they fall in love.  Attempts to get the father’s blessings fail.

The marines get orders to leave for the Pacific.  On their last meeting, they make love for the first time.  With the promise to marry upon his return.  And to write each other often.

The father intercepts the letters. 

Lossie resumes her life.

Soon she learned she is pregnant.  A son is born.  She names the child for his father.

At the death of her father.  She learned, he left her with more money and property than she ever knew he had accumulated.

Risking all to realize a dream.  Lossie along with the help of her housekeeper, opened a cafe right there in Sneads Ferry.  The enterprise was so successful that she opens several throughout the Carolinas.

What really happened to her young marine and how the single mother/entrepreneur fare in decades before women’s lib is only part of the plot with surprises and twists.


 cxz   $20.00 plus shipping

Also available on Amazon KDP

In the year of 1858, Jess Swinson and his sons, Jesse and James began a journey from Ireland to America in hopes of reclaiming the family fortune and reuniting their family. As Jess stands on the deck of the ship bidding farewell to his wife and five other children, he exclaims, “With God as my witness, I vow that an heir of my seed will one day reclaim the family fortune!” After a harrowing voyage across the Atlantic, Jess and Jesse make their way to the wilderness of eastern North Carolina to start a new life. In Clinton, Jesse sees Colista Anita Batts, a young woman of courage and determination that matches that of Jesse. The wide canvass story that evolves will keep the reader waiting to see the end result. Swinson is a story of great loss, greater love and the promise of a new tomorrow, as Jess’s vow is never forgotten as it is passed down after his death to his grandchildren and great grandchildren.


   v  $20.00 plus shipping


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In Swinson we followed the Swinson clan from Scotland to Ireland, and after their Atlantic crossing to the eastern North Carolina community of Maple Hill. There we watched in amazement as the clan acclimated to the lowlands, prospered and multiplied. They were a tough, proud bunch of farmers. Swinson ended with the third generation in place; still proud, still hard working, prolific and occasionally erupting in country folk mini-feuds. Skeet Apples begins where Swinson left off and follows the Swinson family into the twentieth century, still proud, still prolific and still the center of the reader’s attention.