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To purchase more than two (2) copies, shipping will be less if you send us an email listing the title, the number of copies and your mail address. We will reply with a PayPal invoice. When paid, we will order your books. We offer a 10% discount on orders of 5-10 copies, which can be mixed titles. We offer a larger discount for orders for more than 10 copies.   







 Laura Alston

From My Heart to Yours

Collected Poems

Color interiors

 vx   $12.00 plus shipping

   Poetry is the most personal of the literary arts. Jane Foust's cover painting, Inner Me, attracts browsers to the book – and they will not be disappointed for this small treasure box of poetry introduces readers to the inner Laura, someone any person would be proud to call friend. Among these poems are those to be shared with friends over a cup of tea, savored in quiet moments of our own, read for solace when we are experiencing sadness and shared with friends in times of joyous celebration. 

       This collection is well worth reading and owning. The Editor's note that shares that Laura's sight is such that she can no longer contribute poems regularly to Righter Review. I hope she will find the strength to share more of her heart, if not on a regular basis, at least once in a while. She is a gifted poet and as a person with insights into life that need to be shared and she shares them with grace and beauty. I love her poems and will keep this book handy to read and reread for inspiration and enjoyment.  

Joan Leotta


fs  $15.00 plus shipping  

Rocky Renee is an important part of Sarah’s life. Rocky Renee teaches Sarah how to care for other living things, how important it is to treat them with gentleness, kindness, empathy and compassion. But, most of all, Rocky Renee teaches Sarah how to love and when Rocky turns up missing one morning, Sarah learns just how deep love can be. This is a cute, touching pet story and the illustrations by Denise Gill make the story even more special. Pre-school to second grade.

btsText Box: Whenever Anna said good-bye to Mama, she felt sad and anxious.  Anna did not like to say good-bye.  However, her mother came up with a plan to help Anna overcome her separation anxiety


$15.00 plus shipping



b       $15.00 plus shipping


 Ellen Sanders was a very quiet and sad little girl whose voice seemed to be locked inside of her.  She could go to school and not say a word all day.  Then one day, a wise and understanding teacher helped to open the door to her world.  Gradually the world opened up for Ellen, and she found her voice and gained confidence and self-esteem as well.